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Chloé Taylor Brown’s name is synonymous with "inspiration" and "empowerment." Recognized as one of the world’s leading executive & lifestyle coaches, Chloé wears several hats when it comes to transformation. She is the creator of The Chloé Xperience, including "I Am Woman" radio show, pop up video blog, and events. She is a lifelong advocate for women & girls, author of four books, co-creator of the Personal Excellence Profile (The PEP), an image and brand strategist, a lifestyle model and President of The Personal Excellence Practice. To find out more about Chloé Taylor Brown, please visit

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How To Maintain “Image Power”

Image Power

My goal is to sell you on yourself so that you can perfect your authentic image and project it to the world. Once you’ve determined your ideal for your life you’ll be ready to create and perfect your authentic image based on that and where you want to go–then you’re going to want to maintain what you’ve created. Here are a few Chloé-Style Tips to manage and maintain your image.

  1. Eat properly by including lots of fresh live foods in
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Purpose Unfolding

In memory of Justin

Oh, but would I have chosen a different path

One that was as smooth and slick as fresh green grass

It was hard

I tried to turn back

I complained

But you see, it was not I to choose this terrain

There were no special coverings

No walls protecting me

No place to run

No place to hide, you see

Broken – I surrendered

Stand tall

Look up

Step up – and run to Me

The road is rocky

The …

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Power Life Coaching: How Does It Work?

The Right Power Life Coach

Power Life Coaching is amazing and transformational… everyone should work with one to move quickly into their full potential. First, understand that coaching works beautifully when it’s a gradient, step-by-step approach and is an integrated part of a larger leadership development program for executives, or an intentional life plan for personal fulfillment for individuals in life coaching.

Trained coaches are not emotionally attached to your life or work. They are not tied to the organization, your friends, or family, therefore, …

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Express Yourself Authentically… With Style

Perfecting Your Authentic Image

We all do it… every day, in every way and everywhere we go. It doesn’t matter if we are trying to or not. Our image follows us, kind of like a shadow. We all project a particular image.

Some of us have spent thousands of dollars carefully and meticulously constructing what we believed would be the perfect image for ourselves only to throw it out like yesterday’s newspaper and start all over again. Many of us are stuck with images …

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The Power Within Soul-Serenity Poise


Please allow me to ENCOURAGE You. Encourage means to give courage, hope, or confidence to; to give support to; help. Synonyms for Encourage are: cheer, refresh, enliven, exhilarate, inspire, cheer up, praise, restore, revitalize, gladden, fortify, console, ease, relieve, help, aid, comfort, approve, reassure, assist, befriend, uphold, reinforce, back, bolster, brace, further, favor, strengthen, side with, cheer on, back up, egg on, buck up*, root for*, pat on the back.

Darling, when you establish and maintain a sense of poise …

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