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Chloé Taylor Brown’s name is synonymous with "inspiration" and "empowerment." Recognized as one of the world’s leading executive & lifestyle coaches, Chloé wears several hats when it comes to transformation. She is the creator of The Chloé Xperience, including "I Am Woman" radio show, pop up video blog, and events. She is a lifelong advocate for women & girls, author of four books, co-creator of the Personal Excellence Profile (The PEP), an image and brand strategist, a lifestyle model and President of The Personal Excellence Practice. To find out more about Chloé Taylor Brown, please visit

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Self Love: Kissing For Personal Power

Self Love

Hey Girl!
How are you today?

Listen, I want you to do something really cool and special for yourself for the next several days and on into next week. I want you to kiss your hand as often as you can. Make sure to plant lots of little pecks and full lingering kisses right there on the back of your hand. You’ve got to trust me on this one. The results are going to make you wonder why no
one …

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Hair Say: When Your Hair Decides To Speak Out

Chloe's Hair Say!

Brittle, broken, burned, colored, dandruff, dry, frizzy, gray, oily, permed, relaxed, slow growing, split ends, thinning…

Rarely do I meet a woman who is completely happy with her hair for an extended period of time… unless she has chosen to wear it in a pony tail everyday, cut it very low,  wear natural locks or shave it bald, by choice, and even that may have its challenges.

Do you know your hair type and texture in its natural state? Is …

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Boycott The Recession

Think Better, Feel Better, Act Better, Live Better!

I think we should all band together and boycott the recession. Yeah… I’m not giving in to it. Instead, I’m just going to continue doing my own thing. Which happens to be inspiring and empowering myself and others to think, feel and act authentically; which by the way, really does work in your favor.

Have you ever tried it; being consistently authentic?

Check this out. When you think a certain way–you start feeling a certain way. I want you to

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