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About Chloé Taylor Brown

Chloé Taylor Brown’s name is synonymous with "inspiration" and "empowerment." Recognized as one of the world’s leading executive & lifestyle coaches, Chloé wears several hats when it comes to transformation. She is the creator of The Chloé Xperience, including "I Am Woman" radio show, pop up video blog, and events. She is a lifelong advocate for women & girls, author of four books, co-creator of the Personal Excellence Profile (The PEP), an image and brand strategist, a lifestyle model and President of The Personal Excellence Practice. To find out more about Chloé Taylor Brown, please visit

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The Chloé Initiative: A New Global Leader for Women & Girls

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Chloé Taylor Brown is a lifelong advocate for women and girls, a transformation whole-life coach, corporate executive coach, image & brand strategist and President and CEO of Chloé Taylor Brown Enterprises, LLC; a personal development firm in Atlanta, Georgia.

Book Chloé Taylor Brown to host, train, speak or teach at your next women or girl’s event, symposium or conference.

Chloé studied fashion at Mississippi State University, started her modeling career in San Francisco, California, traveled and worked throughout Europe, …

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Chloé’s Holistic & Wholistic Approach to Anti-Aging

Getting Ready Chloé-StyleHer skin is bright and smooth. Her personality is vibrant and approachable. It’s the way she thinks, feels, speaks and moves. It’s her smile, her soul, her walk, and her style.  Like the finest of wines, she becomes wiser and more gorgeous with age. She glows, and she knows!

An holistic and wholistic approach to anti-aging. 

One of my all time favorite powerful go-to anti-aging rituals is lounging in my bathroom. From spending time and being present in the shower, …

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Work-Life-Play: The Power of Choice

As working women our lives are comprised of a few–to several roles that we’re playing at any given time.

Chloe_Identities_PersonasA fun and effective way to manage our responsibilities and advance ourselves at the same time is to consider creating “personas” and “identities” to help position ourselves to play the game of life more effectively.

Start celebrating the fact that you are a multi-dimensional individual with the ability to move back and forth, and between roles.

Because we are wives, mothers, …

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You’ve Got a Magic Wand. Use it!

Determine Your Ideal_Magic WandHave you ever experienced a time when you were really clear about a big goal or move in your life, and everything harmonized with your values and your authentic desires?

You had a vision that tickled your sweet spot; you were in the right place at the right time doing the right things with the right people. In fact, you were in the zone. Would you like to experience this more?

It was like magic, and you had

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Women Delivering Excellence: Press Release

New initiative inspires professional women to champion girls past self esteem and on to whole-life “Swag”

2013_WDE_BumiAtlanta: April 9, 2013—If you were to ask lifestyle coach, model, advocate and author, Chloé Taylor Brown, when she first began inspiring and encouraging young women and girls, she would answer, “always.”  Now, with the recent success of her Global Girl-Swag initiative and curriculum she laughs, “The mission has grown much larger than a one woman show and requires the efforts of a …

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