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Chloé Taylor Brown’s name is synonymous with "inspiration" and "empowerment." Recognized as one of the world’s leading executive & lifestyle coaches, Chloé wears several hats when it comes to transformation. She is the creator of The Chloé Xperience, including "I Am Woman" radio show, pop up video blog, and events. She is a lifelong advocate for women & girls, author of four books, co-creator of the Personal Excellence Profile (The PEP), an image and brand strategist, a lifestyle model and President of The Personal Excellence Practice. To find out more about Chloé Taylor Brown, please visit

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Boys Men & The Sun Connection

Your personal energy can be a resource as powerful as the beautiful rays of the sun; it’s your untapped pure potential.

Boys and the Sun

Did you know that it’s a marvelous thing to have great high energy?

When your Energy is low you’re not in alignment with your authentic “Truth” or your purpose.  When this happens your energy can become  “high pressure” and negative, like a steamer ready to explode. It’s trapped and needs to go somewhere.

Many boys and young men who have been labeled as “disruptive” and “bad” kids may have found themselves in unfortunate situations because their energy has been mis-directed and underdeveloped.

These young men are brilliant and excellent, but their energy has been fragmented and dispersed by a less than average system. This negative training and processing leaves many broken into many little pieces with very low mood levels, a lack of self-worth, hopelessness, depression, and resentment.

When young men and boys are unaware and have low to negative energy levels they don’t have the capacity to connect the necessary and important life-dots to make their life flow and work in a consistent, sustainable manner that is authentic to their true potential. Instead, their thoughts, feelings, and actions come from a place of chaos and  sabotage; which leaves them as victims and often times victimizers. Today is the perfect time for many in the field of transformation, mentoring and coaching to work together to develop ourselves, our families, our business teams, our communities and even our world by being more supportive of boys and young men.

The link between us and the Sun is our natural energy and our excellence. Help a young man discover his sun and excellence and watch him set the world on fire by being more authentic and dynamic.

Chloé Taylor Brown

Chloé Taylor Brown Is One Of The World's Leading LifeStyle Enhancement Specialist, Including, Power Life Coach, Image Expert, Corporate Trainer, Facilitator, Author, Radio Host, Advocate For Women And Girls and President & CEO of Chloé Taylor Brown Enterprises, LLC.

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