“The PEP System®…the most innovative transformational training and professional whole-life coaching available.”

Transformational Coaching 

Our Personal Excellence Coach Practitioners and Trainers utilize the most comprehensive method of coaching today for women and men. It’s The PEP System®. It includes one-on-one whole-life coaching and corporate transformational training. It works for individuals and professionals of all levels and gets “beyond miraculous” results!

The PEP System® helps professionals and executives to determine their ideal in a “whole-life” way in order to hold a more powerful position. It brings clarity to women and men in transition and for those who are ready to elevate themselves to higher levels. It inspires young adults to get excited about who they are and who they can become in life.


What’s the potential for your professional life? Think about who you really are and what do you want to contribute to your organization?

Personal Excellence coaching can includeLearn & Lead

  • A series of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months of Transformational Coaching & Processing–in person, by phone, and/or via Skype
  • “Your Day” with Chloé, a full-day of comprehensive, eductive coaching and processing

Ron, an executive who got out of his head and into his life!

All Personal Excellence Coaching clients are expected to participate 100% for maximum expansion and self actualization.

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HiPo Employees

The Personal Excellence High-Potential Employee Enhancement Series consist of proven processes to retain & develop high-performing employees. This is one of the Worlds most diligent and effective high-potential employee development programs–for managers, executives, and presidents.

When You work with Chloé Taylor Brown Enterprises and our team of personal excellence experts you will receive leading-edge, measurable coaching, symposiums, training, and retreats that have been called, “Unconventional” and “Beyond Miraculous” by leaders at The Home Depot.

Quickly identify and know your “True” high-potential employees by including the PEP System® into your existing assessment process. Craft a world-class development program all-together.

It is increasingly becoming more beneficial to many organization’s bottom line to bring in outside experts to help deliver and monitor a diligent, effective, measurable, leading-edge high-potential development program that creates amazing results, and work-life harmony.

Our goals are to:

  • Enhance your high-potential assessment process and development plan.
  • Measure, track and elevate the effectiveness of your high-potential assessment processes and programs.
  • Create an energetic and robust talent pool to support you in achieving future business objectives.
  • Reduce reliance on external hiring for management and executive level roles.
  • Offer high-potential employees whole-life coaching for work-life harmony.

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Professional Presence Coaching

The Ability to Command

Dynamic leaders are charismatic.  They have created, developed and perfected their authentic image and brand. They are aware and know the importance of being poised, polished and put together at all times. They use their image to work for them, to command personally and professionally.

The Ability to Expand

In business, when it comes to elevating the excellence of your star talent and key employees, it’s wise to know that they want, need, and feel entitled to training and personal development; and it’s important to show your teams you care about them as individuals by providing creative opportunities across the board for personal and career advancement and expansion.

In order to command, expand and accomplish at higher levels of excellence we must move with charisma and professional presence. Professional Presence is more than looking good or wearing expensive clothing. Some of us have spent thousands of dollars carefully and meticulously constructing what we believed would be the perfect wardrobe for ourselves only to throw it out like yesterday’s newspaper and start all over again. It was not authentic; it’s not about the wardrobe alone, it’s Professional Presence.

The Ability to Accomplish

Professional Presence is a silent language that speaks volumes. It’s your appearance, your manners and body language, the way you communicate, verbally and non-verbally. Your professional brand and personal image can be a reliable and legitimate way to present yourself to the world–authentically, or as a chosen persona or identity to assist you in your chosen role. Your chosen identity or brand can help you to accomplish more of what you intend to accomplish—personally and professionally.

Perfecting Your Authentic Image and the Professional Presence Series has helped individuals and team members to create unstoppable success by thinking, feeling, speaking, looking, acting, and being the part. Professional Presence is an essential asset.

Jeri, at a Professional Presence Symposium

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Personal Power Mantra 

Create Your Own Personal Power Mantra! Allow us to show and share with you how to turn your WORDS into success, abundance, fulfillment, peace, and joy. After taking the Personal Excellence Profile you’ll be ready to create your very own personal and powerful life mantra. 

You “can” reach higher levels of excellence and living!  All you need is your very own power mantra to help you to hold your position in who you say you are and who you want to become. Your personal power mantra will be worth a fortune to “you” and you will not be able to thank us enough.

In the beginning of all creation is the word—this is Manifestation… which is built upon sound. Can you get the idea that all sounds, especially vocal sounds are the voice of the higher self and manifestations of what is ultimately true and real in your life? There is an intense hidden power and inherent meaning within each word and sound that I speak or utter—independent of my knowledge of the meaning of the word I’m speaking. In other words…it does not matter if I know the meaning of the word or not the word is what it is and does what it does in my life.

Actual Client Mantras

Jeri shares her mantra. 

Stormy shares her mantra.

 Please e-mail us if you’re ready to create your very own personal power mantra.