Chloé Taylor Brown’s Exclusive One-On-One Coaching for High Achievers is a power-packed transformational coaching program for executives and professionals within mid-sized businesses and Fortune 50 to 500 organizations. 

Exclusive Executive Coaching With Chloe Taylor Brown

Through Chloé’s out-of-the-box creative processes and spirit of play attitude her clients are able to experience and see results almost immediately. She inspires and coaches executives and leaders to take massive inspired action by guiding them through a step-by-step process following their “PEP” and the Personal Excellence Assessment. The goal is simple, to uncover each client’s authentic self, real potential and core values. This is where real individual power originates.

Let’s work together to keep the main thing the main thing, which is your personal power and professional excellence. Remember this, the proof of excellence and transformation will reveal itself in the results you’re able to achieve by working with Chloé Taylor Brown. Start getting more of what you intend and want, now. 

Every client starts with the PEP. Click to get complete details about coaching and the personal excellence assessment.

~Beatriz Rodrigue, Client Testimonial

 Coaching Testimonial


At the beginning of our coaching I thought the sessions were too “out there” and not realistic, but now I have discovered that they are not. Now I know that IT can happen! Taking a true look at yourself is intimidating but Chloé helps you through it with her own examples and the results speak for themselves. I was content with my accomplishments and didn’t see the need to change. My, was I wrong! I didn’t know what I was missing. Today I am the best ME that I can be!

~Beatriz Rodrigues, Chief Diversity Officer, The Home Depot



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