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…become closer to your “ideal” feminine, fierce badass side to reach higher levels professionally. Start winning in your whole life. Your personal excellence is part of the global solution.

~Chloé Taylor Brown 

Having Feminine Power is about our energy, excellence and our dynamic abilities. It’s about using this power to make our life work and flow the way we want, desire and deserve.


Take Responsibility

If you’re the kind of woman who’s ready to take responsibility for yourself then the Feminine, Fierce Badass coaching program could be what you need. You have two ways to start now.  


OPTION 1: Take the Feminine, Fierce, Badass Woman’s Assessment today  for just $327. This fee includes your 15 minute initial consultation, a complete debrief of your assessment, a copy of  Chloé’s 27 Characteristics, Qualities, Traits and Behaviors to Unleashing Your Woman Power and a 15-minute Skype or Phone follow-up session.

Feminine, Fierce, Badass Consultation www.chloetaylorbrown.com

OPTION 2: Schedule your 15-Minute Feminine, Fierce, Badass Consultation via Skype or Phone for $87


Feminine, Fierce, Badass Coaching with www.chloetaylorbrown.com

 To be considered for Chloé Taylor Brown’s exclusive One-On-One Feminine, Fierce, Badass Woman’s Coaching you must schedule your 15-minute consultation or take the Feminine, Fierce, Badass Woman’s Assessment first.

A Winning Testimonial From Beatriz

Coaching Testimonial www.chloetaylorbrown.com

“At the beginning of our coaching I thought the sessions were too “out there” and not realistic, but now I have discovered that they are not. Now I know that IT can happen! Taking a true look at yourself is intimidating but Chloé helps you through it with her own examples and the results speak for themselves. I was content with my accomplishments and didn’t see the need to change. My, was I wrong! I didn’t know what I was missing. Today I am the best ME that I can be!”

~Beatriz Rodrigues, Chief Diversity Officer, The Home Depot


A woman with feminine power is fierce and badass. She says “Yes” then figures out how to deliver what she has promised.



A feminine, fierce, badass woman is tremendously confident in herself and other people. She is solution oriented and believes there is always a way to accomplish her goals or to get the job done. She is a leader who dares to go for it.  She knows she is an investment.

We’ve come a long way but there is so much more to achieve and contribute; especially as we step into our own authentic excellence. It’s time to understand and experience the power of using our own feminine energy combined with our intelligence to unleash our feminine power in order to live the life we have envisioned for ourselves.  For this reason I’ve created Feminine, Fierce, Badass, a masterful 3-month, one-on-one personal excellence coaching program for professional and executive women.

Benefits Of Feminine, Fierce, Badass Coaching

  1. Learn to value yourself more

  2. Become more perceptive

  3. Make better decisions

  4. Be a more authentic and dynamic communicator

  5. Learn to build rapport effortlessly

  6. Discover the power of interacting with the right people

  7. Take the correct and necessary action to accomplish your goals

  8. Start producing what intend to produce

  9. Have a high level of certainty

  10. Elevate your ability to command and lead yourself and others

  11. Start expanding in the areas that are important to you

  12. Accomplish what you have decided to accomplish and more.


The goal of Feminine, Fierce, Badass Coaching is to mentor, coach and train professional and corporate women by sharing dynamic life processes and strategies that work in any profession. When you are ready to move into your own unique gifts, authenticity and fierceness to develop your talents and skills, harness your personal “feminine power” Chloé will be here to assist and serve you.

In this dynamic coaching and training series women will learn the 12 vital abilities we can use everyday to make our life flow more harmoniously. This awareness helps us value ourselves more, perceive clearer, and take responsibility for becoming who we are meant to be and become. 

Life is what we make it! It’s up to us to take the first step to find out how being feminine, fierce and badass pays off. Book your 15-minute consultation with Chloé today or take the assessment.

Take advantage of an elite step-by-step system to readjust, remake, and revitalize your whole life?  To be considered for coaching, training, inspiration, encouragement and empowerment register for a 30-minute consultation with Chloé. This is about honoring your own self, your authenticity and who you’re really meant to be and become.

By participating in “Feminine, Fierce, Badass” you will be able to:

  • Elevate your life when you learn your 12 authentic abilities and how to use your abilities more authentically and powerfully.

  • Amaze and astonish yourself by discovering your untapped spiritual abilities and how to use them in a systematic way every day, personally and professionally.

  • Unleash your knowledge and strengths for greatness. Many of us know a great deal but we don’t know how to use and leverage our knowledge and intelligence. This coaching course will demonstrate how in REAL time.

  • Leverage your assets.

  • Become a powerful leader by being more authentic, truthful and dynamic.

  • Focus on and develop your own innate characteristics.

  • Become more successful, abundant, powerful and empowering to others.

  • Hold your position in a firm and powerful way. Many of us are easily “talked out” of what we know and our decisions. After coaching you learn to stand firm.

  • Become masterful, influential, happy, fulfilled and whole.


Ladies! It’s time to step into your excellence! Book your exclusive 15 minute “Feminine, Fierce, Badass” Coaching” consultation now. All initial consultations are via Skype or by phone. 

To find out how our coaching and training can support you personally or your business team(s) please connect with us here by e-mail.