“When we save a girl we save generations, even nations.”

~Chloé Taylor Brown


Girl-Swag is a fun, energetic, real-time transformational training concept that is filled with strategies that can help young women and girls get into action to transform their thoughts, dreams and goals.

Dina Zechausen, Psychologist, Speaks About Girl-Swag!


Girl-Swag! The Global Curriculum

Girl-Swag! A Global Curriculum.

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Women Delivering Excellence Supports Girl-Swag!

Please watch the 2013 Women Delivering Excellence Symposium with Christina Marie Foster, a Girl-Swag Graduate, Mentor and Spokesperson. Listen to Christina’s story and be inspired.

Christina Marie Foster 5 years ago!

After School Girl-Swag Class and PEP Talk

Women Delivering Excellence Symposium 2012

Girl-Swag is part of The Chloé Initiative, supporting women and girls around the world.

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Girl-Swag is an innovative, provocative and transformational experience for young women and girls. It energizes and inspires them into thinking bigger for their lives and lays out a step-by-step blueprint for action that helps them create the life they envision for themselves.

Chloé Taylor Brown’s Girl-Swag movement and curriculum is a leading-edge transformational training concept and initiative for girls and young women to self actualize authentically, and within record speed.  It is filled with strategies and processes that will help them get into inspired action to:

1.  uncover their authentic self and gain CONFIDENCE

2.  transform their thoughts, dreams and goals by MAKING IT HAPPEN and turning their ideas into reality

3.  make better decisions, COMMUNICATE with others, build rapport, and use their resources more effectively

4.  allow others to get to know the REAL person

5.  create their life’s vision statement leading them to their IDEAL life and DREAMS

6.  make a difference in their life and the lives of others by allowing others to see all that hey have to CONTRIBUTE to the world.

Girl-Swag is “the” PLATINUM guide to personal development for girls & young women everywhere.

It is intriguing, energetic and eductive, a whole-life step-by-step workbook that gets girls and ladies to value themselves more, to accomplish their chosen goals easier, and to contribute greatly to the world.

Girl-Swag is for all the girls and young ladies who have extraordinary dreams: those who have aspirations of accomplishing their heart’s desires; those who have images of themselves as being excellent; those who want more for themselves, for their families, for their communities, and even for the world.

The Girl-Swag curriculum has been compiled using Chloé Taylor Brown’s cutting-edge processes and transformational training techniques from her Personal Excellence Profile-The PEP, and her books, Getting Ready Chloé-Style: Perfecting Your Authentic Image and Determine Your Ideal: Creating a Life of Fulfillment and Prosperity. The processes within this curriculum/workbook have proven to be dynamic and effective for growth and transformation for girls and young ladies, middle school through college, as well as for single adult women.

We’re providing a higher level platform for women of all ages to support, mentor and champion each other while also coming together collectively to provide a similar platform that will transform teen girls and young ladies into tomorrow’s most influential women and leaders through the Global Girl-Swag initiative and by partnering with other organizations and businesses supporting women and girls.

On Behalf of “Girl-Swag” Meet our 2013 Women Delivering Excellence Symposium Leaders!


Women Delivering Excellence was sponsored by The Home Depot and led by Chloé Taylor Brown. The symposium hosted a diverse and savvy group of distinguished guest speakers and professional women, including actress and hostess, Carla Fisher, Kari Wells, TV personality and businesswoman, Dionne Saunders, a Distinguished Toastmasters International Leader and AT&T Mobility, Christina Marie Foster, an original Girl-Swag graduate and current Girl-Swag, Mentor, Leader and Spokesperson, Alyson Howard-Hoag, Authentic Beauty Founder and Women and Girl’s Advocate, Aurea McGarry, Emmy Winning TV Show Host and Founder of Live Your Legacy Summit, Nikki Noto, V-Girls Campaign Manager and One Billion Rising-Atlanta, and Dr. Lorie Johnson, Women’s Healthcare Advocate, OBGYN and President of Just For You Women’s Healthcare Services.


Our Objectives for Women Delivering Excellence

  1.  To expose attendees to an array of women in leadership roles  how are willing to share secrets and insight that develop character, professionalism and leadership attributes.

  2. To share concepts of how to act upon our dreams of making a difference in our own lives, the local community, and even the world if we so choose.

  3. To launch and share the Global Girl-Swag curriculum and show the growth and transformation of young ladies who have completed the 12 week program.

  4. To bring local, national and international awareness to the Global Girl-Swag curriculum’s success, the Girl-Swag documentary, and how “we” collectively and singularly can be the change we wish to see in the world. 


Girl-Swag Award

Young women and girls struggle greatly with accepting themselves, loving their bodies, discovering their true identity, connecting with others, and finding purpose in their lives today. This is why we love honoring those who are courageous enough to live life authentically…and with the Girl-Swag curriculum and programs this self value starts sooner rather that later. 

This is why we’ve developed and created the Global Girl-Swag Initiative and Curriculum. This initiative is inspiring, encouraging, empowering and it equips girls and young women to value themselves greatly while exceeding their expectations. In short, it will educe authenticity and excellence for all who does the work and applies it into their daily life.

Girl_Swag_LetTheGirlSpeakGirl-Swag offers a creative and playful yet powerful approach that inspires young women and girls to recognize that the possibilities are limitless. As Women Delivering Excellence we must help them to be bold and determined enough to stick with a series of positive and transformative processes until the very end, and sprinkle what they have learned and practiced into their day-to-day life–every single day–then, they will be amazed by how exciting they really are, and how other people will want to connect with then and be on their team to help them accomplish their heart’s desires, and even enhance and change the world. 

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Girl-Swag is revolutionizing the lives of girls and young ladies globally. It is educing and drawing out greatness and excellence. It provides step-by-step processes and exercises that transforms each and every one who reads this book, does the work and plays it out in everyday life! Girl-Swag is fun and action oriented!

Let’s get our Girl-Swag on!