The Girl-Swag Motto

~Chloé Taylor Brown


A 12-Week Girl-Swag after school program.

A Girl-Swag Symposium & Celebration Of Accomplishments

Girl-Swag serves young women and girls.

Dina Zechausen, Psychologist and Therapist Speaks On Behalf Of Girl-Swag  

Girl-Swag! A Global Curriculum.

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Meet Christina Marie Foster: Girl-Swag Graduate, Mentor and Spokesperson. Be inspired by Christina’s story.


An After School Girl-Swag Presentation


Girl-Swag is fun! It’s an innovative, progressive, and adventurous personal development program for young women and girls around the world. Envisioned, created and developed by Chloé Taylor Brown, it is life enhancing and energizing. It inspires young ladies to be more aware, authentic, curious and creative. It compels them to set goals and trust their gut as they follow their own step-by-step blueprint for success and fulfillment.

Chloe's Work With Young Women & Girls "Girl-Swag"

The Girl-Swag Project is leading edge and transformational. It is a training concept and initiative for girls and young women to self-actualize in a fun, authentic way.  The curriculum is filled with strategies and processes that help them get into inspired action to:

1.  Uncover their authentic self and gain CONFIDENCE

2.  Transform their thoughts, dreams and goals by MAKING IT HAPPEN and turning their ideas into reality

3.  Make better decisions, COMMUNICATE with others, build rapport, and use their resources more effectively

4.  Allow others to get to know the REAL person

5.  Create their life’s vision statement leading them to their IDEAL life and DREAMS

6.  Make a difference in their life and the lives of others by allowing others to see all that hey have to CONTRIBUTE to the world.

Girl-Swag gets girls and ladies to value themselves more, to accomplish their chosen goals easier, and to contribute greatly to the world.

Girl-Swag is for all the girls and young ladies who have extraordinary dreams: those who have aspirations of accomplishing their heart’s desires; those who have images of themselves as being excellent; those who want more for themselves, for their families, for their communities, and even for the world.

The Girl-Swag Project

The Girl-Swag curriculum has been compiled using Chloé Taylor Brown’s cutting-edge transformational training techniques used with corporate and professional women, the Personal Excellence Profile (PEP) and concepts from “Getting Ready Chloé-Style: Perfecting Your Authentic Image” her first published book. The processes within the Girl-Swag curriculum have proven to be real-time, dynamic, action oriented and effective for transformation and growth for girls and young ladies, middle school tweens through college age women, as well as for young adult women.

The Global Girl-Swag Project, using the innovative Girl-Swag curriculum will continually strive to reach its objectives in supporting, advocating, and working on behalf of young women and girls in discovering who they are and accomplishing their goals. We “can” be the change we wish to see in the world.

The Girl-Swag project

Chloe Taylor Brown & The Girl-Swag Project


Many young women and girls struggle greatly with accepting themselves, loving their bodies, discovering their true identity, connecting with others, and finding purpose in their lives today. This is why we love honoring those who are courageous enough to live life authentically…and with the Girl-Swag curriculum and programs this self-value can start sooner rather that later.

Girl-Swag offers a creative and playful yet powerful approach that inspires young women and girls to recognize that the possibilities are limitless. As mentors, coaches, teachers and leaders we must help them to be bold and determined enough to stick with a series of positive and transformative processes until the very end…to sprinkle what they have learned and practiced into their day-to-day life–every single day–then, they will be amazed by how exciting they really are, and how other people will want to connect with then and be on their team to help them accomplish their heart’s desires, and even enhance and change the world. 

This initiative is inspiring, encouraging, empowering and equips girls and young women to value themselves greatly while exceeding their own expectations as young leaders.  

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