What’s a mantra? A Mantra is a sound, a syllable, word, or group of sexy words that when spoken aloud or silently is capable of causing or creating transformation. A mantra is an instrument of thought—think of it as a mental tool that can help you to focus, become and accomplish.

Can you get the idea of your words firing up your life; everyday? Imagine your own words giving you the assurance, confidence, energy and power to create the outcomes and results you have envisioned and intended. How would that make you feel, as a student, business owner, executive, parent, entertainer, or someone who is ready to be all you can be in life? What impact would being self-assured, intentional, making big decisions, and accomplishing your objectives with ease have on your life? What about at school, within your business or organization?

“Like a seed planted with intention of blossoming into a beautiful flower, a MANTRA can be thought of as a seed for energizing an intention.” With this specialized coaching, mantra creation expert, 4-time author and transitional lifestyle strategist, Chloé Taylor Brown appeals to her audience in a relatable, experiential and illuminating way and guides them through a spirited and practical application of two self-mastery truths:

  • If your personal “self-talk” is not energizing, intentional and directed toward your objectives or purpose you are not living your highest level of excellence.

  • If you have not discovered who you are, what your strongest innate abilities are and how to use them to command, expand and accomplish what you’ve decided you are not intentional about honoring yourself.   



  1. Discover why powering up with your own personal MANTRA is the BEST way to help you increase your self-value, become more present and make greater, MORE purposeful decisions

  2. Learn how to COMMUNICATE more effectively with your SELF and with those you want to build rapport, interact, do business with or support and champion

  3. Learn how to circle back to a powerful yet SIMPLISTIC approach to life, which allows you to focus on what TRULY inspires you so you can create and live out your fullest potential for happiness, fulfillment, adventure and success

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Beatriz, Chief Diversity Officer, The Home Depot inspired and empowered herself with her own personal power mantra. Having your own MANTRA is a winning way to energize yourself and start bearing the fruits of your intentions.

From Region Director to Chief Diversity Officer with My Mantra

Create, learn, practice, memorize and emotionalize your own personal mantra using the processes, strategies and techniques within Chloé Taylor Brown proprietary mantra creation system, I AM WHO I AM.

My MANTRA Creation Coaching 

Register for five (5) hours of one-on-one exclusive personal excellence coaching, including the mantra creation process for $579. Normally valued at over $1,100.


A “Word” From Chloé   

Excerpted from the “Determine Your Ideal” audio series.

In the beginning of any creation is a word–this is manifestation, which is built upon sound. There is an intense hidden power and inherent meaning within each word and sound that you speak or utter–independent of your knowledge of the meaning of the word you’re speaking. It doesn’t matter if you know the meaning of the word or not, the word is what it is and it does what it does in life.

~Chloé Taylor Brown 

Jeri shares her story and mantra. 

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Create Your Mantra and Follow Your North Star

There is a North Star with our name on it, and when we discover it it can lead us to our purpose, our heart’s desires, wildest dreams and what we can contribute to the world!  Our *STAR* loves to be called by it’s name, and often. Attracting our North Star to us is like wooing a lover, or potential lover we “think” of often. We get to define, describe, feel and live our “it” by creating our own personal power Mantra… a living, breathing, holographic statement that brings and gives more life. Below are two former clients sharing their mantra. 



Learn a silent language that speaks volumes. It speaks through your appearance, your manners and body language, the way you communicate, verbally and non-verbally. It can be a reliable and legitimate way to know your self, to live out your passion and purpose by presenting yourself to the world–authentically. Professionally and in business it’s  a chosen persona or identity that matches with your passion and purpose. It is a “blueprint” to help you in your chosen role. The “I AM WHO I AM” MANTRA Creation process can help you to accomplish more of what you intend to accomplish—personally and professionally.



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Chloé Taylor Brown’s MANTRA creation strategies has helped thousands of people from all levels and walks of life… students, women and men in transition, professionals, executives, and team members from Fortune 50 to 500 organizations create unstoppable success and “LIVE” the part by thinking, feeling, speaking, looking, acting, and being the part.