What is Chloé-Style Branding?

  1. Chloé-Style Branding is your personality, style, goals, knowledge, experience and dreams packaged in a way that can be marketed, promoted and sold.
  2. A successful brand provides a platform that brings more success, abundance, power, influence, creativity, wealth, happiness and prosperity, or whatever the reason the person wish to be branded and celebritized.

Who Gets Personal Branding?

  • People who intend to get more of what they want are getting personal brand management in today’s globalized environment. They know the importance of creating a personal brand that stands out from others. They do this by adding an extra dimension to their identity, a “Celebritized Brand” that reflects their own distinct personal image. These individuals do all they can to elevate themselves and their personal levels of excellence.
  • Chloé-Style Branding is for CEO’s, CFO’s, COO’s, presidents, vice presidents, executives, directors, business owners, managers and leaders. It’s for authors, athletes, teachers, singers, life coaches and trainers, it’s for moms and students who want to “cut to the chase” and acquire a more sustainable step-by-step system, to become a more effective, high-level individual that gets and accomplish what they intend to accomplish, or something even greater.

Are You Ready To Stand Out? 

Get Branded With Chloé

Record numbers of women today are launching their very own personal branding campaigns; from corporate executives, professionals, small business owners, entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, socialites and many of today’s modern  women of all ages.  If you want to position yourself as the next go-to girl/woman then celebrity-style branding must be part of your personal development package. There’s no way around it today.


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Your Brand Matters!

Branding Chloé-Style


Getting Ready Chloé-Style

 Do you have Professional Presence?

Professional Presence is an essential asset today and professionals of all levels are connecting with Chloé Taylor Brown to acquire the ability to command, expand and accomplish their goals at higher levels of excellence, knowledge, charisma and personal power.

Your visual brand must represent you exceptionally well in order to stand out it the marketplace.

You must make yourself relevant and visible by netweaving, networking, social media marketing, traditional marketing, public relations and interacting with potential clients, people you’re doing business with and those you want to do business with.


Like Kari, star of BRAVO tv’s Married to Medicine Season 1, your image is your personal visual brand and can be worth a fortune to you!  If you’re about ‘real” business you will want to “stick” in the minds of your fans and potential clients by creating and maintaining a high-level personal brand.

Ann Marie

Like Ann Marie, president at The Home Depot, in a fast track competitive workforce, your strategic plan for personal growth and expansion must include branding yourself as a true celebrity within your specialized playing field while being interesting  and attractive with the ability to build rapport.  It’s about holding your position as an expert and the brand that represents this truth.


BRAND & CELEBRITIZE Your Products, Books, and Services!

When you’re ready to *Get BRANDED Chloé-Style* Chloé Taylor Brown is your Image Expert & Brand Specialist


Celebrity-Style Branding is Perfecting Your Authentic Image in a way to get the job done with ease and excellence. It is the process of creating and displaying a legitimate, reliable and trustworthy “brand” and appearance that meets the requirements of the occasion.


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