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PEP & Personal Excellence Coaching Testimonial

At the beginning of our coaching I thought the sessions were too “out there” and not realistic, but now I have discovered that they are not. Now I know that IT can happen! Taking a true look at yourself is intimidating but Chloé helps you through it with her own examples and the results speak for themselves. I was content with my accomplishments and didn’t see the need to change. My, was I wrong! I didn’t know what I was missing. Today I am the best ME that I can be!”

~Beatriz Rodrigues, Chief Diversity Officer, The Home Depot

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Executives Are Expanding & Winning With The PEP!

PEP Clients: Executives From The Home Depot

The Personal Excellence Profile Assessment Tool and PEP Coaching has helped managers, directors, executives and leaders across a broad spectrum of careers and organizations, including leaders from The Home Depot, Price Waterhouse Coopers and others. 

Take the PEP assessment now! Discover your 12 vital abilities and how to use them. Start getting what you want and experiencing life and work at higher levels of excellence.


Get Real With The PEP!

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The PEP helps women and men; professionals of all levels, young adults, and students to become more authentic, certain and intentional. It helps them become more dynamic, effective, and successful in area that truly matter to them.


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Most of us can identify goals we want to accomplish in our careers, things we would like to change about ourselves and things we would like to achieve. However, most of us are challenged in putting our plans into action and accomplishing what we want; this is where Chloé Taylor Brown and the PEP helps you to win.

Students are Winning With The PEP! 



“We can all be and stay authentically awesome and become more successful by continually updating ourself, at least as often as we update our cellular phones. 

~Chloé Taylor Brown

Get ready to update yourself, pep up your spirit, and even change your mind and your lifestyle in 2018. Would you like to be more “you” and experience more success and fulfillment in your whole life? If you’re willing to take a real look inside of yourself and do the work required (by the way, this work is fun and rewarding with daily results and wins) to be your real, true, genuine self then here’s to a new updated, more meaningful beginning. A beginning that is just for you and what you want accomplish. 

Update Yourself and Your Life with

Be ready to find out where you are currently based on your 12 important abilities, your mindset and views, and how to shift and up-level to get where you want to be. Discover the techniques to set yourself up to win more consistently with innovative processes and a blueprint to follow. Start accomplishing your goals and seeing the results you want faster. Sounds interesting? The keep reading about the Personal Excellence Profile® assessment and how it can help you to update yourself to be more and accomplish more.

Update Yourself

Changing our mind and mindset isn’t as easy as people may suggest. First, we need to find out where we are now, discover our excellence and the possibilities then follow a blueprint that demonstrates how to change our mind and how to shine brightly and powerfully… the Personal Excellence Profile assessment tool does just that.

PEP is personal energy and excellence. It’s your power and having the knowledge and know-how to use your energy at your highest abilities in order to accomplish more of what you want. From being powerful at home with your family, running a home-based business, working in corporate America to being a high level team player, or to be a highly successful person in any field or arena you’ve got to be dynamic and exceptional. It’s going to take “you” being an authentic and powerful person if you’re going to accomplish your big goals. With the PEP assessment and the PEP System® you’ll be able to start living purposefully by designing your life and work. The Personal Excellence Profile is a comprehensive assessment tool that gives a profile of all of you – spirit, mind, body and abilities; within that you’ll be able to see your habits, your attitudes, your mind-set and your behavior patterns and with excitement, wisdom and energy; up-level your life experiences.

What Can Updating Yourself Do Fo You?

Updating yourself using the PEP can help you, your career and your whole life! It provides individuals, teams and organizations with a colorful, measurable view of where they are stuck and where they can excel right now. It offers a detailed graphic analysis of strengths and weaknesses in 12 key areas. Research has shown that these 12 key areas are the cornerstone to success, happiness and prosperity. These 12 important areas consist of abilities, qualities and attributes that are required to accomplish our objectives individually and objectively.


Why Knowing Your 12 Areas Of Excellence Works!

Knowing your 12 areas of excellence and having them validated by the PEP and a PEP Coach Practitioner will empower and compel you to fully own your excellence. It will give you the confidence to step out and take action in areas that truly matter to you. It will help you be intentional about what you want to accomplish in your life. In addition, the PEP also shows you where you are holding yourself back or even sabotaging and blocking yourself.

Through decades of research and development the twelve vital abilities analyzed on the PEP assessment have been shown to be essential to success, happiness, prosperity and well being. Knowing your strengths and challenges gives you a starting point and the upper hand in your own life. You’ll know where to focus your energy and attention so you can have more of what you want and you’ll be able to recognize where changes are necessary.

The PEP is also a look into our future! If we keep doing what we’re doing now we’ll keep getting what we’re getting now; great, good, not so good, terrible, or horrible.

So whatever you’re doing in present time (right now, today, this week, this month) will be repeated in the future unless you know where and how to change. Many things we do we’re not even aware of, the PEP assessment and feedback will raise your awareness and you’ll be able to create changes that create a better now and a better future. Once you have the results from the PEP you and a PEP Coach Practitioner can map out the best way for you to support your strong abilities and bring up your weak abilities in order to start getting what you really want in life. Take the PEP today! There’s so much to discover about YOU and how to play your game of life!

Everybody has a game or two, or purpose in life, and most of us want to play it. The PEP shows us how to discover it and play it well. 

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There are no “right or wrong or good or bad” answers, and there are no “good or bad” outcomes… it is what it is, therefore, each question must be answered as truthfully and honestly as possible based on how we (you) view it now, in the present moment, not how it may have been in the past or how we (you) would like it to be in the future.

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Your Fee Of $327 Includes The PEP Assessment, The Debrief & A Mini PEP Coaching Packet

After paying you will be directed to the Personal Excellent Profile Assessment to start immediately. This is an amazing “Mini PEP Coaching Packet” and an amazing deal. Your fee of $327 includes the PEP questionnaire assessment (taken on line), a color PEP graph, a J-peg image of your PEP assessment to review on your computer or you may print it out in color to review. You will also receive a 30 minute personal debrief with a real live PEP Coach Practitioner via phone or Skype, 1 follow up 15 minute coaching sessions via phone or Skype, a PEP PDF book explaining your 12 most important abilities and your levels of excellence.

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