The Man In You is about MEN being who they really are and who they really want to be based on their authentic self, and their own ideal for their life! It’s also about developing your natural male leadership abilities to higher levels of excellence!

The Man In You

To assist in this great task of personal development and transformation our Personal Excellence Coach Practitioners and Trainers utilize the most comprehensive method of coaching today. It’s The PEP System®. It includes one-on-one whole-life coaching and corporate transformational training. It works for individuals and professionals of all levels and gets “beyond miraculous” results!

The PEP System® helps men determine their ideal in a “whole-life” way in order to hold a more powerful position. It brings clarity to men in transition and for those who are ready to elevate themselves to higher levels of excellence and professionalism. It inspires young men to get excited about who they are and who they can become in life.

What’s the potential for your personal and professional life? Think about who you really are and what you want to contribute to in all areas of that that’s important to you.

The Man In You Personal Excellence Coaching Program Starts With The Personal Excellence Profile.

Lead With The PEP_Men!

Become closer to the Real Man In You…your ideal self and reach higher levels of excellence in your whole life, in a real step-by-step way. The process that you’ve been looking for starts right here, right now, with us, and more importantly, with you. 

~Chloé Taylor Brown

Elevate The Man In You, Now… When You Take The Personal Excellence Profile!

The value of this offer is over $1,000 to work with Chloé Taylor Brown or one of our gentlemen PEP Coach Practitioners. It includes your personal one-on-one session via phone or Skype. Your cost for a limited time is only $327. You will receive your “Personal Excellence Profile” graph, a personal one-on-one 45-minute to 1 hour debrief, a written report, a 15-minute follow-up phone or Skype coaching session and a “Determine Your Ideal” e-workbook and MP3 audio series.



Watch Ron, a former client and executive who got out of his head and into his life with the PEP!


All Personal Excellence Coaching clients are expected to participate 100% for maximum expansion and self actualization.  For more information contact us at 877-650-5577 or e-mail us here.